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Students’ Perceptions toward the English Podcast Activities for Speaking Skill in Senior High School

Persepsi Siswa terhadap Kegiatan Podcast Bahasa Inggris untuk Kemampuan Berbicara di Sekolah Menengah Atas




English, Podcast, Speaking Skill


The aim of this study was to determine students' perceptions of English podcast activities for speaking skills which were carried out in senior high schools. This study used a descriptively with questionnaires and interviews as instruments. This research was conducted at the Ma Bilingual Muslimat NU Sidoarjo school. The participation are 18 students who had experience participating in English podcast activities. The got a positive perception of students. Students like English podcast activities that can help them learn English, especially speaking skills. Students experienced several problems when doing English podcast activities. They are nervous about speaking on camera even if there are not many people in front of them. Students admit that they are still weak in vocabulary that they have never known before, and sometimes being out of focus causes them to speak haltingly. However, students are still happy with English podcast activities at school.


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