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Prototype Design Of Air Quality Control Blower at PT SINAR INDOGREEN KENCANA Production Area

Perancangan Prototipe Blower Pengendali Kualitas Udara di Area Produksi PT SINAR INDOGREEN KENCANA




Arduino UNO, Automatic Blower, Blynk, Esp 8266, Sensor DHT22, Sensor gp2y1010au0f


PT SINAR INDOGREEN KENCANA is a company that makes lightweight bricks. The company has a limestone grinder and uses steam from an autoclave machine to ripen raw materials,as well as the occurrence of rain that disrupts air circulation in the production area causing a lot of dust and hot water vapor from the production process to enter the production area, thus disrupting employee work. This research aims to design a prototype blower for air quality control in the production area of PT SINAR INDOGREEN KENCANA. System is designed to control and monitor dust and temperature levels, with the integration of Blynk and LCD I2C as a user interface,turning on the blower to suck dust and water vapor. Arduino UNO as a link between GP2Y1010AU0F and DHT22 sensors, sending sensor data to ESP 8266. The production area of PT SINAR INDOGREEN KENCANA has an integrated and efficient air quality control system.


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