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Design and Build Web-based Animal Feeds Information System using Laravel Framework

Rancang Bangun Sistem Informasi Penjualan Pakan Ternak Berbasis Web Menggunakan Framework Laravel




Information System, Sale, Website


With increasingly rapid technological developments, a business entity must utilize computerization to minimize or even eliminate delays, difficulties and inefficiencies in traditional information management processes. Likewise, the process of buying and selling animal feed still uses conventional methods to serve customers. Therefore, an animal feed sales information system was created using the Laravel framework to overcome existing problems. The system design method used when building an information system for selling animal feed is the waterfall method, which begins with the stages of planning, modeling, construction, and delivery of the software system to customers/users, which ends with the maintenance process for the resulting application. The results of this research show that the existence of a website-based information system or recording of animal feed sales makes various transaction processes at the Budi Jaya Store easier.


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